Who is is founded by Francisca Frenks in 2008. See LinkedIn for experiences.

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Support for 

  • webinars
  • online training
  • virtual classrooms
  • online collaboration
  • digital literacy

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Dyhme is a label of
Webshop for learning 21st century skills

Kastanjeboom 3 | 4101 VS Culemborg |  NL |

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Mission and vision statement

“Man is the creator of change in this world. As such, he should be above systems and structures, and not subordinate to them.”  – Steve Jobs, 1980 supports people who want to develop themselves in online environments, for effective online collaboration and online collaborative learning.

Learn to work with software for online collaboration

If you learn to work with the software for synchronous online collaboration and you discover the opportunities of this software, the world is your working place, without huge costs. We provide training and learning experiences for digital literacies and the use of several kinds of software.

Learn to design effective en engaging webinars

A webinar is a web-based seminar. We believe that sharing knowledge and experience in an online environment with a lot of people is a more effective version of a webinar, comparing to a webinar with a presenter, a Powerpoint and some Q & A. We believe in interaction and synergy.

Experience the power of diversity by international online exchange

If you experience effective, motivating, online collaboration you can work together with everyone in the world and experience the power of diversity. Online group work consist of technology, structure and human behaviour and emotions. The last one is the most influencial and the most difficult. We facilitate effective online international exchange between people. We support you to enhance the skills, the methods and the scaffolding of the online group to make it a team.

Motivation, skills and methods for online learning

We think this world and the labour market in Europe needs more people with online skills and online experiences to facilitate collaboration and online learning. Therefore we provide training and learning experiences on 21st century skills.

Health and the use of technology

We also supports people who want to stay healthy in body and mind while working and living with several devices in online communities. Therefore we initiate projects to get aware of the effects when using technology in an insecure way.

My roles for services

  1. Delivering technical service and support on online programs, webinars, online learning and online collaboration.
  2. Consultancy on online didactics, sharing and constructing knowledge, discussion online, imagineering online.
  3. Designer of engaging and effective online programs for webinars.
  4. Project manager for course design teams.
  5. Facilitator for webinars.
  6. Presenter, assistent or host for webinars.
  7. Course designer for online and synchronous/blended learning.
  8. Instructional scaffolding.
  9. Facilitator for virtual teams and online meetings.
  10. Content curator on topics on 21st century skills. (Content curation = Collecting sources and make them accessable.)
  11. Team member for innovative learning and developing teams. My USP’s are: I am able to motivate and inspire my team, I have impact in discussions because of my clear vision, authentic thinking and advanced skills for discussion, I am a creative problem solver and sensible for feedback. I am able to explain myself in a clear way.