Silent learner webinar 01
Silent learner webinar 01

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2017-03-15 om 14.58.03 kopie
2017-03-15 om 14.58.03 kopie

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2017-03-15 om 15.48.51 kopie
2017-03-15 om 15.48.51 kopie

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Silent learner webinar 01
Silent learner webinar 01

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Een bijzonder webinar


In 2017 werd ik gevraagd om een webinar te ontwerpen over "Silent learners", de studenten, leerlingen die vooral online niet zo actief zijn. Daarnaast schreef ik mee aan een special "Silent Learners, a guide". Download de gids:

Er waren ongeveer 80 deelnemers aan het webinar. De opname is meer dan 1000 keer bekeken over de wereld.

De doelgroep 

Professionals uit lidstaten van de Europese Gemeenschap die bezig zijn met Distance Learning en E-learning.

De organisatoren:

De aankondiging en opname:

Waarom ben ik gevraagd:

Omdat ik webinar-expert ben en online groepen heb gefaciliteerd  voor het Open Network Learning project, waarbij mijn faciliteer-stijl waarbij ik gebruik maak van onder andere Human Dynamics was opgevallen. Met name het realiseren van inclusief werken online, ook van mensen die van nature stil zijn.

Wat was er zo bijzonder aan dat webinar?

Lees de blog van één van de deelneemsters; Jenny Mackness: . 

"This was probably one of the best webinars I have attended (and over the years I have attended very many). It was extremely well structured and very interactive. I would like to spend a bit of time at the beginning of this post recording how it was run for future reference and as an example of good practice.

I really enjoyed the webinar and found it thought provoking. I also learned a lot about how to run a really effective webinar. Thank you.”

 Markus Schneider, product owner SUNET, ook deelnemer schreef: 

"Spending more than 6000 hs in online meetings and webinars during the last 8 years, I recognize an extraordinarily conducted webinar when I see it. Taking part in the silent learner webinar convinces me that Francisca is one of the rare orchestrators that are able to perform the art of webinar."

Taru Kukonen, bijdrager en deelnemer schreef:

"Hi Francisca, I'm glad I was able to contribute to the webinar even if only indirectly. You did a great job with the webinar, I was impressed by the activity of the participants. And it was a perfect idea to bring a real silent learner on stage and give him the voice!"

Andere deelnemers schreven:

  • interactive!. Really made me think of how to empower silent learners in language teaching 

  • It was valuable because of the interview with a real SL

  • Really useful and thought provoking

  • It was very interesting! I think all teachers must be more aware about the silent learners. Jan Willem Kemper expressed the feelings and needs very good. Francisca facilitated it very good -(and spoke slowly and clearly). Thank You.

  • I got a lot of new thoughts, that I will try to use in my future teaching

  • Valuable webinar, because it gave me important views on this topic

  • It was valuable, pinpointing on questions I was not used to think about

  • It was valuable, new thoughts that I want to share with my colleagues. Fun and interactive.

  • Nice way of getting a lot of input in a really short amount of time

  • Great webinar with discussions and contributions included

  • I found this webinar valuable because of the range of individual perspectives available, and the wealth of ideas shared – prompted me to go away and reflect further

  • Very well run webinar.