• Webinar makeover
  • Facilitating online dialogue
  • Starting up online teams
  • Design, training, implementation of online and interactive programs with groups*

*webinars, online training courses, synchronous online learning activities in the context of Blended Learning, online meetings, online dialogues

Webinars and webinar makeover assists in the design and execution of webinars with often a lot of interaction and impact through:

  • Designing and/or sharpening the webinar program in relation to the intended purpose and context of the webinar.
  • Increase the ROI of participants and organizer through adjustments in the program and
  • Training and improving the presentation skills and collaboration of the webinar team
  • Maximizing the involvement of participants.
  • Maximizing the use of relevant technology
  • Ensuring a good atmosphere during training sessions and execution of the webinars
  • Facilitating online dialogue

You can also do a dialogue online. Especially when participants have widely differing points of view, it can feel safer than a dialogue IRL (In Real Life). I organise and facilitate online dialogues on the basis of issues, a theme, an opinion or other reason. The aim is for participants to express themselves freely about the issue or theme and for the group to gather different points of view. Because everyone speaks by default, everyone can also listen carefully to the others. This makes the group wiser. There will be no debate. Nobody gets feedback. We work according to a fixed pattern, with rules and with a facilitator.

Other forms of dialogue or philosophical approach to subjects are possible. In these activities I work together with philosopher & Chamber of Commerce project leader/advisor Pieta Stam van Buitenkader in Culemborg.

Furthermore, PBL groups (Problem Based Learning = working in temporary teams on a problem or challenge) facilitate freelance work for universities, colleges and other organizations.

Starting up virtual teams

You don’t have to live far apart to work with virtual teams. Virtual teams are nice to alternate between an IRL (In Real Life) meeting, to quickly “update” an hour or to talk very focused on a topic. It’s not expensive and not difficult, but there are a few things you should learn when you start, because it’s really different from IRL. I help your team “on the job”.

Online and interactive programs

Would you like to share images of a drone in a live and online session, to inspire your participants to buy travel with you? Would you like to have a live connection with a physical therapist in Switzerland who will tell your participants how fascinating it is to work there as well? Do you have a new service that you would like to show to clients from all over the Netherlands, all over Europe or all over the world? Or do you want to ask the opinion of clients about a service or product? Maybe you want to crowdsource with your participants, because together they know a lot about a certain issue? Do you want to train online trainers? Teachers? Since 2019 I help with online and synchronous activities, such as online training courses, virtual classes, online and synchronous workshops, hybrid workshops and other online and interactive programmes. I can help you with everything that is synchronous and online.

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