Online learning

Our training program (Dutch en English)

  1. Sandbox sessions 
  2. Get started with online and synchronous learning 
  3. Get started with remote teams
  4. Get started with Adobe Connect
  5. Get started with Big Blue Button
  6. Get started with Zoom
  7. Developing online and synchronous learning activities for blended learning
  8. Teaching methods for online and synchronous learning
  9. Facilitating online collaboration for Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Inquiry BL
  10. Facilitating international student exchange
  11. Webinars for kick-offs, experts, marketing, customer-relations, staff-relations
  12. Facilitation of remote teams
  13. Learning methods, games for virtual teams

Online courses for learning 21st century skills

 Logo-131x211 Go to for our online courses

  • is the online learning environment (Dutch)
  • is about online courses for 21st century skills.
  • The courses have been developed by or other organizations
  • The most courses are a-synchronous, so you can start when you want.
  • Ask me for synchronous and live courses:

We recomment the following online courses:

Most of them are free.


Adobe Connect, software
internettechnology, digital literacy
Adobe Connect training
Adobe Connect, software, apps, skills
Adobe Connect, engagement, webinar
digital literacy, Microsoft
competence-based learning, Problem Based Learning (PBL), educators
Problem Based Learning (PBL), educators
Digital literacy, educators, students
learning design, educators
learning design, educators
digital literacy, networking literacy, information literacy
digital literacy, networking literacy, educational technology, professional development educators, facilitating learning
21st century skils, teaching, assessments
learning design, models